March 01, 2018

West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services

One of our strategic plan objectives is to develop advocacy goals related to barriers to economic opportunity for individuals.  In the context of this goal, I wanted to highlight a program BHA Unit staff have utilized regularly that would be beneficial for everyone to know about.   The West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) has 30 offices across WV and is the state’s primary vocational rehabilitation resource for individuals with disabilities who desire to become employed.  To be eligible for DRS services, one must have A) a physical or mental condition that interferes with their ability to get or keep a job and B) the desire to work to the best of their abilities. 

DRS has trained rehabilitation counsellors who assist individuals with evaluating their skills and interests and tailor services to meet that person’s unique needs.  These counselors work side-by-side with individuals helping them to understand potential work-related barriers and how they can be modified and adjusted to increase the likelihood of success in the workplace.  Services provided include but are not limited to: on-the-job training, work-related counseling and guidance, work site assessments and accommodations, medical or psychological treatment, physical, occupational, speech or hearing therapy, assistive technology, orthopedics, prosthetics, hearing aids and other adaptive devices.  DRS also offers employment services including resume writing, interview skills development and job search and placement.   

For more information, see the attached brochure or visit their website at