March 29, 2018

Committee on Regional Training (CORT) in Wheeling

Legal Aid is part of the Committee on Regional Training (CORT), a four-state consortium of legal services programs from Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and West Virginia that offers training programs to help advocates effectively represent clients.  CORT offerings include fundamental skills trainings, as well as presentations on substantive areas of law commonly encountered by legal services advocates, and allow member programs to combine their resources to better prepare their advocates to serve clients.

Recently, Wheeling hosted CORT’s Basic Lawyer Skills Training (BLST), a three-day seminar aimed at helping newer advocates develop litigation skills from client interviewing to trial, and including motion practice, written discovery and depositions, and negotiation.  Approximately 50 lawyers from all four states involved in CORT participated in the training, making it one of the largest BLST classes ever.

As highlighted by the BLST in Wheeling, CORT is more than just a training organization.  Collaboration fosters partnership among participating programs, increasing the expertise and resources each program can bring to bear on common legal services issues.  This cooperation also enables programs to work together when issues arise across state lines, as they often do.  If you are interested in learning more about CORT and the resources it offers, please go to the organization’s website at