April 05, 2018

Kinship Care Relationships and Possible Benefits

Are you taking care of a relative’s child?  You could be eligible for support benefits!

A kinship caregiver is a relative (or a non-relative who a child sees as a family member) who is raising someone else’s child. Many kinship care givers are eligible for benefits to support children in their home who are not their birth children.

How do you know if you could get some type of benefits to help?  The amount and kind of benefits you can get depends on the type of child “custody” you have.  Different kinds of custody you may have include: no formal legal custody, court-ordered child custody, certified foster parent custody, legal guardianship, or adoptive parent custody. 

Benefits for these caregivers can come from DHHR Income Support, the DHHR Foster Care system, the Social Security Administration, or the Veterans Administration.  How do you figure out where to apply for the right kind of benefits that are available for your situation? 

The Legal Aid website has a "Kinship Care Relationships and Possible Benefits" guide that answers these questions and more. 

Different cases have different circumstances and complications.  The information on LAWV’s website is to help you understand the benefits that may be available to kinship caregivers, but it does not cover everyone’s situation.  If you need advice specific to your situation, you can contact a lawyer who works on kinship care issues by calling 1-800-642-8279, or get in touch with a private attorney to help.