April 12, 2018

Harrison County United Way Partnership

This year, the Clarksburg Office of Legal Aid of West Virginia received a grant from the Harrison County United Way to hire part-time attorney, Molly Russell, to represent victims of domestic violence at Domestic Violence Protection Hearings.  Attorney Russell works closely with Hope, Inc., the local domestic violence shelter.  The goal of this program is to represent all victims of domestic violence at these hearings.  We are excited at the opportunity to give victims a voice at their Domestic Violence Protection Order Hearings.  Going to Court is never easy, but it is even more difficult when you have been abused and are then forced to face your abuser alone.  By providing representation, we not only give client’s a voice, but we also give them peace of mind.  The program is in its early stages, but it has been successful thus far.  To apply, the Domestic Violence Protection Order Petitioner can pick up an application at the Harrison County Magistrates’ offices, or by contacting Hope, Inc. at 304-624-9835.