Author: Bruce Perrone

November 29, 2018

Assistance Animals (Not Pets) in Public Housing


The law protecting animals that people may rely upon for support, emotional support, disability services, love, or friendship, is pretty confusing. That’s because there’s one set of rules for the “Housing” context (the Fair Housing Act), another set of rules for public places (the Americans with Disabilities Act), and the two sets of rules are VERY different.

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May 24, 2018

What Are the Rules About Animals in Rental Housing? What can the landlord prohibit? What is protected for people with disabilities?


These are common questions. Legal Aid has a couple of articles on our web site to help tenants understand their rights. There are two sets of legal rules. One set applies to everyone who does not have a disability. The other set applies only to tenants who have a disability.

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November 02, 2017

Getting Unemployment Benefits If You Quit Your Job Because Of A Medical Condition


Can I get unemployment benefits if I quit my job because of a medical condition? Yes, BUT ... there are two very strict requirements you must meet.

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June 15, 2017

Protecting Wages and Personal Property from Court Judgment Collection Efforts


Confused about how to protect your wages from court judgment collection efforts? Or not sure what items of personal property and furnishings you can protect from court judgment collection?

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January 23, 2017

Loan Acceleration


You’ve fallen behind on your monthly payments for a car, house or another type of loan. Now the creditor is threatening to accelerate your loan. Loan acceleration is when the creditor says “no more monthly payments. You owe us the whole outstanding amount of the loan, in full, immediately.” It usually means the creditor’s going to repossess the car, and maybe also sue you for the amount owed.

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December 19, 2016

Installment Land Sales Contracts


In an ordinary house or land sale, the title is put in the buyer’s name on the date of sale. But with an Installment Land Sale Contract, the buyer doesn’t get the title to the land until all payments have been made. No down payment, no bank delays, no closing costs, no lawyer fees. Just move in and start paying and when you pay it off, they’ll give you the title.

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November 29, 2016

Creditor Harrassment


Are you getting phone calls from someone who says you owe them money? Have you fallen behind on your loan payments and now creditors are calling you, over and over, day and night? What do you do if you don’t owe the money the debt collector is trying to collect? Can you do anything to stop the debt collector from contacting you? If the creditor or bill collector has followed the rules and limits, there is not much you can do. But if the creditor or bill collector has broken the rules, there may be a lot you can do.

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October 25, 2016

Child Support in West Virginia


Child support is money that a parent pays to help support a child that does not live with them most of the time. The child might live with the other parent, or with someone else. Under West Virginia law, every child has the right to be supported by both parents and this can be a big issue for many parents.

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September 28, 2016

Domestic Violence


In 2010, 12,661 domestic violence offenses were reported to law enforcement in West Virginia. Often when hearing the term “domestic violence,” we think of physical acts, but it comes in many forms—and all of them are ugly. Physical violence. Sexual violence. Threats. Psychological abuse. Harassment and stalking. Confining someone against their will. Manipulative, controlling behavior.

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August 15, 2016

Repossession of Assets

You’ve fallen behind on your car payments, or you couldn’t afford to pay the rent-to-own place this month for your television payment. The creditors are calling. They say they’re going to repossess. Can they do that? Do you have any protection? Are there steps the creditor has to take before repossessing?

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