January 10, 2019

Did You Get Inaccurate Information from Trans Union Credit Reporting?

$1,500 (or more) could be awarded for anyone who was hurt by a credit report from the Trans Union credit reporting company in the last ten years that included inaccurate information about a tax lien or a civil judgment.

A national class action lawsuit claimed that over the last ten years the Trans Union credit reporting company included inaccurate information about tax liens or civil judgments in some credit reports. The lawsuit says that this violated the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act by. Trans Union says it did not violate any law. But the parties have agreed to a settlement. They have agreed that anyone who was harmed by that kind of inaccurate information on their Trans Union credit report in the last ten years can receive at least $1,500 compensation. 

Do You Have A Claim? 
To find out whether you might be one of the people who was affected, you have three ways to get more information:
1.      Call 1-844-718-2692 for more information;
2.      Contact the attorneys representing consumers at:; or 
3.      Write to: TransUnion Settlement Class Counsel, 763 J Clyde Morris Blvd., Suite 1A, Newport News, VA 23601.

More details. To learn more about the case, go to