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October 25, 2016

Child Support in West Virginia


Child support is money that a parent pays to help support a child that does not live with them most of the time. The child might live with the other parent, or with someone else. Under West Virginia law, every child has the right to be supported by both parents and this can be a big issue for many parents. 

Do you know who has to pay child support? Do you know how to ask for child support? Do you need to get child support lowered since you lost your job? Are you behind on child support payments? Is the child’s other parent behind on child support payments? Do you know what to do if the father isn’t listed on the birth certificate?

The Legal Aid website has a “Child Support Toolkit” that answers all these questions and more. There are articles on different child support issues. There’s also a tool to help you fill in your own court forms to file for a child support adjustment because of a “change in circumstances.” To take a look at the Legal Aid “Child Support Toolkit” click here.

Different cases have different circumstances and complications. The information on our website is to help you understand the issues that may come up in a child support case and is not intended to address every possible situation.

Disclaimer: This is general legal information. For more guidance about your particular situation, please contact Legal Aid or talk to a lawyer.