Getting Your Taxes Done for Free: The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program

Last Updated On: 7/6/2016 8:26:58 PM

Where Can I Get My Taxes Done For Free?

You’re in luck! There’s a thing called the “Volunteer Income Tax Assistance” program, or VITA for short.

VITA helps people do their taxes, and get their refund, FOR FREE!

There are over 100 VITA sites in West Virginia. There are VITA sites in every county in West Virginia. So there’s bound to be one not very far from where you are.

How Do I Find The Nearest VITA Site That Could Help Me?

Click here to go to a map to find a VITA site in your county in West Virginia.

Do The VITA Volunteers Know What They’re Doing?

VITA volunteers are trained and certified by the IRS, to make sure they know the tax rules. Some of them are accountants and tax professionals.

Will VITA Do An Electronic Return So I Can Get My Refund Quickly?

Yes. All VITA sites will submit your tax return electronically.

Assuming you have a bank account so your refund can be Direct Deposited, you should have your refund in your bank account in about two weeks.

No need to pay a private tax preparation service, just to get your refund quickly.

VITA is an IRS-sponsored program working with community organizations to provide high quality tax preparation to tax filers — free of charge! There are over 100 VITA sites located statewide. 

Click here for more information about VITA sites in West Virginia.  

What if I can't make it to a VITA site? 

You can go to the My Free Taxes website located here to fill out your own tax forms and file for free.

This is general legal information. For guidance about your situation, talk to a lawyer.