WV ABLE Accounts

Last Updated On: 9/7/2018 1:02:44 PM

What is a WV ABLE account?

This is a special account for people with disabilities that began before age 26. Money they put in a WV ABLE account is NOT counted against an Asset Limit for public benefits.

(Actually, SSI has a $100,000 limit on money in a WV ABLE account, but who’s counting?)

Who is eligible for a WV ABLE account?

WV ABLE Accounts are available to West Virginians who have a disability or blindness that started before they were 26 years old.

What can I use money in a WV ABLE account for?

You can’t buy things, like a TV or a couch or a car. But there are lots of other ways you can use money you’ve put in a WV ABLE Account.

  • Pay rent or mortgage payments
  • Insurance costs
  • School expenses
  • Transportation costs
  • Moving expenses
  • Job training costs
  • Employment expenses
  • Medical costs, like health insurance or durable medical equipment
  • Home maintenance and home improvements

Where do I set up a WV ABLE account?

These accounts are run by the WV Treasurer’s Office. Go to https://wvable.com to learn more. 

You can’t do these at a bank or savings and loan company, only through the WV Treasurer’s Office.

How do I set up a WV ABLE account?

You don’t have to go the Treasurer’s Office to set up a WV ABLE account. You can do everything online at https://wvable.com. The whole process can be finished in an hour. No trips to a bank or to a government office are needed. If you need help you can contact the Treasurer's Office

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