Transferring GI Bill Education Benefits to Dependents

Last Updated On: 3/23/2018 5:09:53 PM

What is Transfer of Entitlement of the post-9/11 GI Bill?

The Transfer of Entitlement is the transfer of some or all of your GI Bill education benefits to your dependents.  Not everyone is eligible.  The miliary and Department of Veterans Affairs require certain periods of service for specific durations of time to qualify.  

Who determines if a service member can transfer GI Bill benefits?

The Department of Defense (DOD). You must apply for this BEFORE you get out of the service.  While in the armed forces, service members use the Transfer of Entitlement (TOE) request to transfer GI Bill months of entitlement (typical service members get 36 months) to dependents.  

If a service member is approved to transfer benefits to dependents, how do the dependents apply to use the benefits?

They apply to use the benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Applications can be submitted online.  You should check for updates on the VA's website on education benefits.  

How does a service member make changes after they have transfered benefits?

During miliary service, service members can designate, modify and revoke a Transfer of Entitlement by working with the DOD through the Transfer of Education Benefits (TEB) website.  Changes during service are made here.

After military service is complete, prior service members can set a future effective date for use of the benefits, modify the number of months transfered, or revoke entitlement transferred by submitting a request to the VA.  Changes after service is complete are made here by using the VA's "Ask A Question" function.  

What family members are eligible as dependents?

Family members must be enrolled in the Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System (DEERS).

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