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Marie Bechtel, Supervising Attorney
Deana Cummings, FAST Parent Coordinator
Patricia DiFranco, Attorney
Polly Lafferty, Ombudsman
Martin McKeen, Attorney
Karen Nichols, Legal Assistant
Tara Rosencrance, Paralegal

Charleston (State Headquarters)

Susana Duarte, Supervising Attorney
Amy Arnett, Development and Communication Specialist
Rachel Berga, AmeriCorp Volunteer
Mary Booth, Ombudsman
Jeri Bradley, Attorney
Rebekah Carnegie, ATLAS Paralegal
Maureen Conley, Attorney
Phyllis Conrad, Financial Assistant
Reiley Clark, AmeriCorp VISTA
Karla Craddock, ATLAS Paralegal
Jo Fitzwater, ATLAS Paralegal
David Frercks, Pro Bono Support Specialist
Tiana Hall, Legal Assistant
Kenley Hanna, Attorney
Sabrina Harper, Staff Accountant
Kristina Harris, Paralegal
Joshua Hendricks, IT Support Specialist
Roy Herzbach, Ombudsman Director
Patrick Kelley, IT Software and Security Specialist
Joseph Kozlowski, Financial Exploitation Attorney
Angela Layne, Legal Assistant
Kerry LeMasters, Administrative Director
Gretchen Lewis, Legal Director
Melissa Lilly, Attorney
Timothy Litten, Attorney
Deborah Lucas, Paralegal
Chris Martin, IT Director
Rhonda McCormick, FAST Parent Coordinator
Jeremy Mitchell, Attorney
Adrienna Moore, Paralegal
Tammy Mullins, Chief Financial Officer
Sherry O'Malley, Legal Assistant
Bruce Perrone, Attorney
Shaina Prince, Accounting Assistant
Erica Pulling, Director of Communications & Development
Dominque Razzook, Attorney
Tina Roberts, ATLAS Paralegal
Jacqueline Schwaben, Attorney
Nancy Sigmon, Legal Projects Specialist
Jordan Smith, Project Support Specialist
Cherie Taylor, Paralegal
Jennifer Taylor, Attorney
Meredith Thomas, Attorney
Rachael Thompson, Accounting Clerk
Cathy Townsend-Keeten, Legal Assistant
Christine Wallace, Supervising Attorney for Statewide hotline
Elizabeth Wehner, Managing Attorney for Grants and Training
Kate White, Access to Services Manager
Benita Whitman, Attorney
Brendan Wood, Attorney
Adrienne Worthy, Executive Director


Angela White, Supervising Attorney
Clinton Adams, Legal Services Manager
Christina Asher, Regional Family Advocate
James Clark, Attorney
Sandy Crim, Legal Assistant
Courtney Crowder, Attorney
Angela Lasure, TANF Paralegal
Maureen Marko, Paralegal
Allison McClure, Attorney
Phillip Pham, Attorney
Christina Rumbach, Attorney
Diane Young, Pro Bono Support Specialist


Michele Good, Supervising Attorney
Brenda Alvarado, Ombudsman
Jenna Gooden, Legal Assistant
Carmen Howell, Paralegal
Katheryn Marcum, Attorney


Laura Martin, Supervising Attorney
Michael Ackerman, Attorney
Bill Albert, Behavioral Health Advocacy Director
Lara Bissett, Attorney
Jessica Carter, Attorney
Nancy Fry, Behavioral Health Advocate
Tamara Handley, Ombudsman
Robin Hughes, FAST Family Advocate
Cheryl Plybon, Paralegal
Shelly Vaughn, Legal Assistant




Leah Sills, Supervising Attorney
Sam Kasley, Attorney
Page Ward, Paralegal
Sharon Wickline, Legal Assistant


Paul Sheridan, Supervising Attorney
Diane Calandros, Paralegal
Gregory Carper, Attorney
Rita Harris, Legal Assistant
Teresa Samuels, Attorney

M. M. Bateman Hospital

Teri Stone, Behavioral Health Advocate
Michelle Woomer, Behavioral Health Advocate


Kelly Beck, Supervising Attorney
Erin Clark, Attorney
Amanda Dailey, Paralegal
Amanda Gavin, Attorney
Dane Henry, Attorney
Matthew Jividen, Attorney
Kathryn McIntyre, Ombudsman
Jenny Saladini, Legal Assistant
Laura Turman, Regional Family Advocate


Christine Schneider, Supervising Attorney
Lisa Edwards, Legal Assistant
Kevin Gibbons, AmeriCorps Volunteer
Heather Hoelscher, Behavioral Health Advocate
Ed Hopple, Ombudsman
Jenny Layne, Project Support Specialist
James Lindsay, Attorney
Richard Morris, AmeriCorps Attorney
Tony Reilley, Attorney
Molly Russell, Attorney
Eva Segert-Tauger, Attorney
Sherry Smith, TANF Paralegal
Melissa Coffman Sponaugle, Attorney 


Cathy Adams, Supervising Attorney
Vanessa Beam, Paralegal
Kathy Carpenter, Legal Assistant
Jason Heinrich, Attorney
Susan Karr, Attorney
Thomas Karr, Attorney
Tammy Ketchem, Behavioral Health Advocate
Linda WahlBaker, Ombudsman

Potomac Center

Susan Paugh, Behavioral Health Advocate 


Melissa Kahle, Supervising Attorney
Carey Flanagan, Paralegal
Kayla Hicks, Attorney
Marie Parker, Ombudsman
Savannah Richmond, Attorney
Deborah Worley, Legal Assistant

William R. Sharpe Hospital

Teri Newsome, Behavioral Health Advocate
Sharoon Reed, Behavioral Health Advocate


David EstepSupervising Attorney
Jodie Gardill, Behavioral Health Advocacy, Associate Director 
Andrew Han, Attorney
Lisa Hartline, Attorney
Stephanie Joseph, Paralegal
Robin Lucas, Legal Assistant
Chris Rine, Ombudsman 

sehirlerarasi evden eve nakliyat