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March 30, 2017

Legal Aid of West Virginia is a Non-Profit Law Firm

Many people think that Legal Aid of West Virginia is a government agency.  We are not.  Legal Aid of West Virginia is a non-profit law firm dedicated to assisting clients who are vulnerable or unable to afford an attorney.  Our legal services are provided without charge to our clients.  In order for us to serve our clients, we rely on federal and state grants, as well as private donations and other funding sources.  We receive certain funding from the State of West Virginia through fees designated to Legal Aid of West Virginia, but we also receive a general grant from Legal Services Corporation as well as grants designated to assist veterans, victims of violence and recipients of certain government funding.  Our goals within these grants are to ensure that all persons have reasonable access to justice.  Furthermore, many of our clients face legal obstacles that prevent them from being self-sufficient.  These obstacles, sometimes, can only be overcome with an intimate knowledge of the legal system.  Legal Aid of WV’s Legal Unit is devoted to helping people and empowering them to help themselves.

Legal Aid of West Virginia closed 9,654 cases for clients during the 2016 calendar year.  Many of our clients are given advice about their legal issue, or they are offered some level of brief services, such as working to negotiate an agreement, or assistance in completing legal documents.  LAWV served 6,400 clients with this level of service.  Our attorneys and advocates also assist clients with complex legal issues, representing these clients before administrative agencies (such as social security) as well as in Magistrate, Family and Circuit Courts and the West Virginia Supreme Court.  In 2016 we served 1,822 clients with extended services and going to court.  Many of these were cases handled within our 12 regional offices.

We can assist those who qualify for our services.  Although most of our grants have limitations on eligibility based on income, sometimes we help persons who lack access to resources for a number of reasons.  To apply for legal assistance, you may contact our toll-free intake line at 866-255-4370 or apply on-line through our website.