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April 13, 2017

How Legal Aid Helps Veterans

Are you a veteran who is having a hard time getting by?  Do you know one?  Legal help can make a difference in a veteran’s life.   

Legal Aid may be able to help veterans with questions and concerns such as:  Are you having problems with your housing?  Do you have a child support order that was set before your income changed?  Are you getting Social Security or SSI benefits that could stabilize your income?  Has your driver’s license been suspended?  Are you being harassed by bill collectors?     

Legal Aid of West Virginia has attorneys who can help veterans get and keep long term housing, achieve and maintain gainful employment, secure all the benefits they are entitled to, and take part in their children’s lives and support them financially.  For help with these and other veterans’ legal problems, please contact Legal Aid.    

To learn more about the legal problems that affect veterans who have fallen on hard times, check out the resources on our website.  

Disclaimer:  When you visit our website, be aware that different cases have different circumstances and complications.  The general legal information on our website is to help you understand the issues that may come up in a legal case and is not intended to address every possible situation.  For more hep with your particular situation, please contact Legal Aid or talk to a lawyer.