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August 15, 2019

Back to School for Relative Caregivers

Are you raising a relatives’ child who has experienced trauma and who is struggling in school?

Many children who are in the care of relatives due to the opioid epidemic have emotional, behavioral, or mental health challenges or other disabilities. If you are a caregiver relative, you may not know that kids who struggle with school due to these issues have the “right” to specialized school services and planning.

How does Legal Aid of West Virginia help kids who struggle at school due to emotional, behavioral, or mental health challenges?

Legal Aid of West Virginia has lawyers and advocates who can help caretaker relatives that get a WV WORKS (TANF) check or who are caring for children with emotional, behavioral, or mental health challenges in the following ways:

  • We can work with families and schools to address the needs of a child with mental and/or behavioral health challenges or other disabilities by developing an “Individualized Education Plan” (IEP)
  • We can set up talks with school officials on how to manage a child’s problem behaviors in a way that is fair and that is set up to keep the child in public school.
  • We can help families solve legal issues that directly impact the child’s school success, including problems with public benefits, housing, infant guardianship, and adoption.
  • We can connect families with other services.
  • We can help families figure out how to keep a child in their “home” school or help when children need to move between schools or school districts.
  • We can help families and schools identify support to prevent dropping out, skipping school, and school discipline problems.

How can I ask for help?

Call Legal Aid’s application line at 1-866-255-4370 or Apply for Help through our website.