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May 25, 2017

Morgantown Photo Opportunities

Recently, the Morgantown Legal Aid of W.Va. staff members had some public appearances, which resulted in photo opportunities, below, in which 1) I can be seen accepting a donation from the WVU College of Law Alumni Association representative Jackson Butler at the First Annual Lakeview Golf Scramble fund raiser on Saturday, April 1, 2017 (I made sure the financial donation was not an April Fool’s joke), and 2) Eva Segert-Tauger and I spent the afternoon of Sunday, April 23rd, at a fund raiser for our local domestic violence program, RDVIC (Rape and Domestic Violence Information Center) participating in their annual event, “Walk A Mile In Their Shoes.” The “Walk A Mile” event involves inviting the public to walk a mile through downtown Morgantown. A symbolic and headline-capturing aspect of this event is to have men wear women’s shoes while walking the mile. The event was formerly called “Walk A Mile in Her Shoes,” to invite the public to imagine walking in the shoes of domestic violence survivors, but this time RDVIC expanded its focus to include all victims of domestic violence, regardless of gender. 


WVU College of Law Alumni Association representative Jackson Butler presents Morgantown LAWV supervising attorney Christine Schneider with a donation check from a golf scramble benefit at Lakeview Resort on April 1 for Legal Aid of West Virginia. 

Below is a picture of Eva and Christine at the “Walk-A-Mile In Their Shoes” event in downtown Morgantown April 23 (Christine’s shirt is from a previous year, before the change from “Her Shoes” to “Their Shoes.” 

Christine was on a team called the “Heel Raisers.” 

Eva And Christine.jpg