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August 17, 2017

Are you a caring for a child who is not your birth child?

Are you a caring for a child who is not your birth child? Are you unsure about what legal steps you should take? Legal Aid of West Virginia can help.

Legal Aid can assist relatives and other third party caretakers with questions and concerns such as: What legal steps do I need to take to enroll the child who is living with me in school, or to get medical care for that child? What is the difference between infant guardianship and adoption? What if I want to adopt a child who is in currently in foster care? How would adopting a child affect my taxes?

Legal Aid of West Virginia has staff attorneys and volunteer lawyers who can provide legal advice, and in some cases can go to court to help relatives and other third parties who are raising children who are not their birth children. Legal Aid also has a number of online self-help tools that provide legal information, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and court forms for caretakers interested in child custody, guardianship, or adoption.

You can learn more about legal resources for relatives and other third-party caretakers by checking out the materials on our website.

Disclaimer: When you visit our website, be aware that different cases have different circumstances and complications. The general legal information on our website is to help you understand the issues that may come up in a legal case and is not intended to address every possible situation. For more help with your particular situation, please contact Legal Aid or talk to a lawyer.