February 01, 2018

Public Presentations On Legal Topics

West Virginia primary and secondary schools provide some basic education regarding the law. Primarily this includes some constitutional law and basic legislative process. It is the belief at Legal Aid of West Virginia that an informed and knowledgeable public, armed with legal information, can avoid many common legal problems and issues.

Prior to adopting our new three-year strategic plan, Legal Aid performed a needs assessment and determined that unfamiliarity with the law had negative consequences for many West Virginians. To address this issue one of the goals of our strategic plan is the development of public presentations providing legal information on subjects not otherwise routinely provided to the general public.

Many of these presentations will occur at public libraries and efforts will be made to notify the various communities of their scheduling. Legal information on many topics will be provided including divorce, Child custody and third-party guardianship, land lord tenant law, public benefits, contracts and more. These sessions will be informational only. No case specific legal advice can be provided but general hypothetical questions can be answered. For those interested in legal advice or other assistance, information on how to apply for Legal Aid services will be provided.