November 08, 2018

How Legal Aid Provides Services to Our Veterans

At Legal Aid of West Virginia (LAWV), we believe it is important to honor and give back to those who have devoted their energies and their lives to protecting the American way. LAWV is dedicated to serving veterans year-round, and we have both a full-time attorney and Veterans Task Force to ensure our services are reflecting veteran needs. 

West Virginia has one of the highest number of veterans per-capita in the nation. The Veterans Administration (VA) conducts annual surveys, and they recently found that half of the top ten issues veterans reported were civil legal matters. This is where LAWV can step in to make a difference. Our Veterans Task Force meets regularly to discuss issues facing our veterans and ways we can assist them, while our AmeriCorps veteran services attorney is on the front lines serving veterans every day. 

Our AmeriCorps veteran services attorney can help veterans with issues such as:
•      VA benefits
•      discharge upgrades
•      domestic violence
•      vulnerable seniors
•      family law (child custody, divorce)
•      wills/deeds
•      housing and landlord-tenant issues 
•      educational services
•      behavioral and mental health advocacy

Over the past year, our AmeriCorps veteran services attorney has provided services to more than 134 West Virginia veterans and their families. He provides one-on-one legal advice to veterans twice a month at clinics in Martinsburg and Clarksburg VA medical facilities and travels across the state to serve veterans, making sure they know Legal Aid is available to help.  
If you are a veteran in need of legal guidance, please call us at 866-255-4370.