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School Clothing Vouchers: Information & How to Apply

Last Updated On: 8/25/2020 3:50:51 PM

2020: School Clothing Vouchers Update

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the School Clothing Voucher process is a little different this year.  Read this article to learn about the process for 2020.   

How much can each eligible child receive for clothing?

Each eligible child can receive a voucher worth $200.00 to buy new school clothes.

When do I apply for the clothing voucher?

Usually in July. Normally the deadline to submit an application is the end of July.

Where do I apply for the clothing voucher?

You can apply at your local Department of Health & Human Resources (DHHR) office. Or you can apply online usually between July 1- 31 by going to inROADS here.

Who is eligible for clothing vouchers?

Any family with children 18 or under, who is or could be eligible for "WV WORKS" cash assistance benefits is eligible. If you don’t know, then apply and DHHR will tell you.

[Note - You don’t have to apply for cash benefits to get clothing vouchers. You don’t have to receive cash benefits to get clothing vouchers. You just have to be a family that would be eligible if you did apply for them. You CAN get your vouchers without applying for cash assistance.]

When will I get the school clothing vouchers?

Applications will be processed in the order they are received.

All applications must be submitted to DHHR by July 31. All applications that are submitted on time will be processed by August 31.

After they are processed and approved, vouchers will be mailed out once a week to families that have been approved.

The vouchers can be used at any time until the end of October. After October 31 the vouchers will expire.

Where can I get more information?

DHHR's website has more information about the School Clothing Voucher program. Also, you can contact your local DHHR office or call the Customer Service Center at 1-877-716-1212. 

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